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German team visiting and working at the school

On 31/10/2016, Mr. Steffen Horn – German expert visited and worked at VCAM on project "Development of training associated with businesses". The idea of the project is to set up an investment fund for training schools with business links in the training of human resources.    

 At the meeting, Mr. Steffen Horn was provided with basic information about VCAM, then two sides discussed about issues related to the link between school and businesses in the training human resources. In particular, the expert especically  paid attention to issues such as: ratio between theoretical training and practice in the school; Plan and implementation of maintenance, maintenance of practical machinery and equipment; Training contract between school and businesses, contract for teachers and students to do internship at enterprises, etc.

At the end of the meeting, the team visited school’s facilities, practical classrooms at workshops classes and interviewed teachers and students in the classroom.

Some pictures of the working session:

 Mr. Steffen Horn at the meeting

School leaders and expert team discussing about issues related to the project

School leaders taking photos with expert team

Mr. Steffen Horn asking teachers and students some questions 


Editor: Phan Ha Giang

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