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1. History of development and outstanding achievement

- The department, formed on March 01st, 2002 (separated from Training Department), was firstly called Students Management Department.

- It was in August, 2014 that the department changed its name into Students Affair Department.

2. Cadres and teachers

Student affairs department has 10 cadres and teachers including 01 Head and 01 Deputy Head.


- Staffing for Rector in student management.

- Implementing student management affair according to regulation of Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and rules of the college.


   1. Planning for student education per month, semester, and school year.

   2. Coordinating with other related units in teaching regulations and rules for new students.

  3. Building guidelines for implementing rules and regulations of student affairs.

  4. Coordinating with Youth Union, Departments and Faculties in organizing activities and emulating movements for students.

 5. Collecting learning and training status of students in a month, semester or school year.

  6. Processing and collecting profiles via discipline council, proposing ways of discipline for those who violated.

  7. Actively coordinating between family, college and society to write teaching measures applying to particular students. Dealing with administration procedures for situations of leaves, learning suspension, dismissal from college for students.

  8. Ensuring interests and regulations concerning policy of State and college for students according to current rules.

  9. Following, managing supervising affair of teachers. Consolidating and directing activities of class managers, students’ association and youth volunteer team.

  10. Coordinating with Youth Union in broadcasting, propagandizing necessary information and contests to students, inviting reporters to have talks on big days.

  11. Managing dormitory, students both resident and non-resident.

  12. Making student card for all students.

  13. Coordinating with Organization – Administration department and local authority to ensure safety and security of local and law. Preventing social evils. Handling law break strictly and promptly. 

  14. Frequently gathering situation and putting forward solutions to enhance comprehensive education quality.

  15. Frequently reporting students’ situation to Rectors Board in weekly and unexpectedly handover sessions

 16. Participating in teaching and taking responsibility for content, quality and progress of subjects of which the department is in charge.

 17. Participating in training self-defense force of the college when required.

 18. Taking responsibility for gathering students when necessary.

 19. Participating in other activities of the college

5. Achievements

- Certificate of merit of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2007, 2009, 2014

- Certificate of merit of People’s Committee of Vinh Phuc province in 2013, 2006.

- Certificate of merit of Prime Minister in 2011.

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