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Mission, objective, vision


Vocational College of Agricultural Mechanics is a highly qualified human resources training center, which is in charge of applying and transferring new scientific and technological advances and international integration, trying to meet the development need required by agricultural and rural development sectors and other economic sectors. For this mission, training career of agricultural electro-mechanics, mechanics, electricity, dynamics, and vocation pedagogy will be taken into the core.


                For the future vision, Vocational College of Agricultural Mechanics is expected to be a national scale vocational training center. The College’s brand will be well-known nationwide, regionally and internationally. By 2020, the College is expected to become a university of practical technology.

Authentic values

                During its 50 year-development history, the College has been successful in building up solid, enthusiastic and highly qualified teaching staff, who are usually creative in their career. The graduates from the College are really qualified and skilled, enabling them to prove themselves. The College’s brand has been admitted widely. The College takes an important position in agricultural and rural development sector of Vinh Phuc Province and the area.

The College also has been succeeded in setting up a characteristic working environment where teaching staff and officers are totally promoted to work and devote for the College’s career.

Strategic target

- In the stage 2009 - 2011: Be one of the focal vocational college of the whole agricultural sector and the Northern focal economic areas; basically complete the training aims transfer in the way that supplies the human resources for various levels, various sectors with high quality, high efficiency and meets the demand of the society and teaching vocations for farmers; develop researching, applying and transferring scientific and technological advances; access the regional and international cooperation, integration so as to gradually develop the brand “Vocational College of Agricultural Mechanics”

- In the stage 2012 - 2015: Become a focal vocational college with ability, efficiency and quality at national standard, among are four specialities are at regional and international standards; develop the brand to be prestigious on training and researching quality, applying and transferring scientific and technological advances in agricultural, rural sectors and others.


Developing the College to become a national focal vocational college, train various levels, branches and have enough criteria, standard of a University of practical technology which accesses international standards in training practical human resources in agriculture, rural development and focal economic sectors with high quality and prestigious brand name in the whole nation, region and the world.

1.  About training

Continuing renovating, diversifying training, improving the quality and efficiency to meet the training standards of advanced countries inside and outside the region, satisfy the development demand of an industrial country. Enlarge training scale to have 8,000 students in 2020.

Training 4 levels: elementary vocation, intermediate vocation, vocational college and university of practical technology. Focus on human resources to develop traditional vocations, train human for the agricultural and rural Mechanicalization – Electricalization – Modernization, pay attention to develop key vocations to train at university level of practical technology with leading standards to support for focal economic sectors; orient for the development in the field of automatic and high technology.

Making continuum training and train to improve level according to the regular learning needs of employers. Diversify training models; focus on cooperated training with advanced technological university inside and outside the region.

Constructing enough textbooks, materials supporting for training programs; build national and international standards of vocational skills and make evaluation of training quality based on standards of vocational skills.

2. About infrastructure

Building up synchronous, modern infrastructure and teaching equipments for the College, meeting the demands of a modern practical university of technology in the region and the training scale of 8,000 students

3.  About science and technology

              Developing the College to become a researching center of applied scientific research, effectively exploring technology and other technical advances to serve for production and services. Join in the technical research topics related to the College’s specified specialties, projects of transferring technology by national and international organizations; actively contribute to social - economic development of the locals, sectors and the whole country.

4.  About learners’ activities

Students are centered-point at the College. Create best learning environment so that they can wholeheartedly, actively, creatively access to scientific researches. Students are developed their Morality - Knowledge - Physicality - Esthetics, enabling them to be confident in joining in intelligent playgrounds of university students nationwide and in the world; helping them know the quickest way to adapt to market mechanisms and prove themselves in the society. As a result, the College’s position in the society is more important and attracting more and more students with higher and higher quality.

5. About human resources

Building and developing the teachers and officers staff quantatively and qualitatively with synchronous structure and at standardized quality of a university of practical technology.  They are qualified, having conscience with 80% of whom are at postgraduate level, 20-25 % are at Doctor Degree, 70% teachers, officers are efficient at using one foreign language, 100% are competent at using computers and application software in teaching and managing.

6. About finance and wages

Continuing updating financial managing method to improve the development, attracting and effectively using financial sources. Diversifying financial sources, quickly increasing incoming sources to ensure enough finance for training activities, improving teachers and officers’ life, investing in infrastructure and other activities of the College.

7. About information technology

                Exploring and applying information technology in teaching and managing the College to meet the requirements of a leading university of practical technology in Vietnam, operated in the form of “Electronics Governed College”

100% teachers and officers are competent at using computers for searching, exchanging learning, researching, teaching and training materials to support for the innovation of teaching. Improving the capacity of Information technology center, contributing to the successful implementation of e-learning and electronic school.

8. About international cooperation

Developing the College to become a coordinated center of training highly qualified human resources inside and outside the region; making training connection, coordinated researching scientific application and transferring technology with countries in the region and the world. The College will become a training center which can deliver international certificate of key vocations of the College and others.

Continually organizing practical learning in foreign countries for teachers officers, creating chances for teachers and students to access scientific technology in agricultural sector of countries in the region and the world.

9.  About quality guarantee

The College will be certified as a leading practical university of technology in Vietnam, operated as an ISO-formed organization and management, becoming an up-to-date college in the region.

The College’s quality is focused on training aims, practical results, human resources, technical infrastructure and the plan for the next stage to ensure the success of the entire development strategy.

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