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Strategy of training development

Renewing and diversifying training activities; widening training scale, improving training quality and efficiency, catching up training standard of advanced countries in the region and accessing to international standards, meeting the requirements of industrialization and modernization in agriculture and rural development, developing the brand of Vocational College of Agricultural Mechanics.

Information technology development strategy

Rapidly developing information technology in teaching, researching activities, exploring and applying technological and scientific advances. Modernizing managing activities of the College to meet the standard of a leading vocational college in Vietnam.


Scientific technology development strategy

  - Vocational College of Agricultural Mechanics is expected to be one of the most efficient center exploring, applying technologies and scientific advances to training and production activities.

Training quality guarantee strategy

Training quality is the most important aim of the College. Teaching staff and officers of the College are required to self-assess and frequently examine training quality by many approaches and information sources to adjust and improve training quality. Training quality must be evaluated at the point of training targets, training results, human resources, engineering infrastructure and preparation for the next period to ensure the successful completion of the Development strategy.

Quality assurance strategy

Training quality is the primary goal and school must always have self-reflection, quality testing by using multiple methods and sources of information to find out solutions for the appropriate adjustment, with the aim of improving training quality. Quality testing should focus on training objectives, performance, human resources, technical facilities and preparations for the next phase to ensure successful implementation of the strategy.



International cooperation strategy

Accessing and gradually meeting advanced training standards of other countries in the region, which are suitable to Vietnam’s development requirements;  coordinating in training human resources with other countries in the region, cooperating in transferring new technologies, engineering and scientific advances and scientific research.

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