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I. Function and mission

1. Function:

            Proposing to Rectors Board in procuring and managing the use of machines, equipment, vehicles and materials in the college to ensure economy, effectiveness, norm and regulations of the state.

2. Mission:   

2.1. Taking main responsibility and coordinating with other units in implementing following tasks:

            - Collecting demands, making plans and implementing procurement of machine, equipment, vehicles, long-lasting tools and materials of capital resources in line with regulations of the state and the college:

            + Implementing stages in procurement process and storing all procedures, documents of materials, assets procurement (all forms: public bidding, competitive offer, direct contracting…).

            + Drafting contract, contract liquidation, equipment list, then sending Financial department to review, sign to submit to the Rector for implementation.

            - Following assets import – export – existence situation of the college.

            - Coordinating with Finance department, Project management board in recognizing building equipment and assets, finalizing hand-over (equipment area) belonging to Projects of the college.

            - Making history book following use of machine, equipment, vehicles, long-lasting tools and materials in different units.

            - Making maintenance and repair plans for vehicles as well as monitoring implementation of maintenance and repair as planned.

            - Transferring and liquidating assets (making transferring and liquidating records and recommending solutions).

            - Checking and monitoring use of machine, equipment and vehicles in manufacturing contracts.

            - Doing asset inventory at the end of the year, making yearly reports, periodic reports in line with regulations (making reports on increase, decrease and repair of construction, machine, vehicles, long-lasting tools and calculating amortization of assets engaged in service activities, then sending Finance department for annual settlement).

            - Checking management and use of machine, equipment, vehicles, long-lasting tools and materials. Detecting inappropriate activities, proposing to Rectors Board on issuing and modifying applying management regulations and processes in the college.

2.2. Managing petrol allocated for learning and business trip:

            + Building fuel consuming norm for motor, machine and equipment.

            + Making petrol issuing cards.

            + Making a table of allocated petrol to transfer to Finance Department for payment.

2.3. Following Import – Export – Existence situation of rough draft of vocational degree and certificate of the college.

2.4. Participating in projects on equipment strengthening of the college.

2.5. Coordinating with Life administration department in limiting electricity norm and managing electricity use. Coordinating with Project management board in materials procurement and construction repair.

2.6. Providing information, statistics report on machine, vehicles, long-lasting tools and materials according to regulations of the State and of the Rectors Board.

2.7. Monthly uploading information about procurement of machine, vehicles, long-lasting tools and materials to the internal information website of the college.

2.8. Drafting following documents:

            + Records, documents about procurement of machine, equipment, vehicles, long-lasting tools and materials.

            + Records of inventory, liquidation of machine, equipment, vehicles, long-lasting tools and materials.

            + Minutes of selection, decision on direct contracting, contract, contract liquidation or minutes of hand-over, inspection of machine, equipment, vehicles, long-lasting tools, materials, etc.

2.9. Timely updating legal documents related to the procurement, use, handle of machine, equipment, vehicles for a long time, and guiding other units following regulations of the State.

2.10. Implementing others allocated tasks by Rectors Board.

II. List of cadres



Year of birth




Vu Hong Hai





Nguyen Ngoc Tu



Deputy Head


Tran Van Hoi





Vu Thi Tuyet




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