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Proactive and active in the prevention of acute respiratory infections COVID-19

 Clearly identifying the dangers of the Covid-19 epidemic, school leaders soon received official information from the Ministry of Health, guidelines from the People's Committee of Vinh Phuc Province to deploy to all officials, teachers, students and also conducted for students in the whole school holiday until the end of February, 2020 to ensure safety as well as carry out necessary epidemic prevention tasks. expecially, raise the sense of responsibility as well as the understanding of officials, teachers and students in the whole school about the dangers of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Ministry of Health's Propaganda slogans about disease prevention Covid-19 has been posted with easy-to-watch places and disinfectant solutions are arranged in many places.

The school board has issued a decision to establish a Steering Committee for prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by the new strain of Corona virus with 22 members, the steering committee led by Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thuy - Vice rector of the school. The mission of the steering committee is to direct the relevant departments to carry out the prevention and control of epidemics and to guide, inspect and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Departments, faculties and centers throughout the school actively propagate the danger of the Covid-19 epidemic to members of their organization, request to wear masks when going to work, and specialized departments they must report to the school leaders about the health status of their officials, teachers and students every 02 days. The school is equipped with antiseptic hand sanitizer to the units and free masks are provided for individuals who come to work with the school at this time. Here are some pictures of the first spraying day disinfecting some areas in the school:

Spraying disinfectant at study places, work places of staffs and students' dormitories


 Editor: Nguyen Thi Thu Huong 

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